Amsterdam Airport Arrivals

As you can imagine, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Arrivals area can be a busy place due to all the flights arriving at the airport throughout the day, especially during peak times. It is always a good idea to keep informed and up to date with all the flight arrivals at the airport, especially if you are going to the airport to collect passengers from their flight. Unfortunately, delays do occur and the last thing you want is to turn up at the airport too early and have to wait in the Arrivals area longer than is necessary.

Where Is The Arrivals Located

The Arrivals area is located on the Ground Floor of the airport terminal and passengers arriving at Schiphol Airport will make their way through the area and into the main Arrivals lobby.

Arrivals Procedures At Amsterdam Airport

There are strict Arrivals procedures at Amsterdam Airport, to which all passengers arriving at the airport must adhere to.

Amsterdam Airport Arrivals OptOnce your flight has landed at Schiphol Airport, your aircraft will taxi to its allocated parking bay on the Apron and park for passengers to disembark the aircraft. As with any airline, you will be required to remain in your seat until the aircraft has come to a complete stop and the overhead ‘Fasten Seatbelt’ sign is off. You will also be asked to keep your phone and other electrical item switched off until you are inside the airport terminal building. Once the aircraft has parked in its allocated bay and is securely in position, the Ground Staff at the airport will then prepare the aircraft so that it is safe to disembark.

Once the aircraft is safe to disembark, the Cabin Staff will notify passengers it is safe to do so and you will be able to collect your belongings from the plane and overhead lockers and make your way to the doors. You will ten need to make your way to the airport terminal building.

Plane Procedure From Arriving At Schiphol Airport To Departure

Special Assistance

If you require assistance from the aircraft to the terminal building, it is recommended that you contact the airline and airport in advance prior to your arrival and they will ensure that a member of staff will be waiting at the airport ready to assist you once you land.

Security And Passport Control

As with all International Airports, you will be required to clear Passport Control and present your passport before entering into the main Arrivals area. This process usually doesn’t take too long and is in place for your own security, so if it is busy just be patient and you will be through Passport Control in no time.

Please Note: if you are travelling to Amsterdam from another Schengen country, then you may not be required to show your passport.

Baggage Reclaim

Once you have successfully cleared Customs, you can make your way to the Baggage Reclaim area in Arrivals. This is where you will be able to reclaim any Hold luggage you checked-in for your flight. Each flight arrival at the airport is allocated a carousel and the overhead monitors will display which carousel has been allocated for your flight. Once you have been notified as to which carousel your flight number has been allocated, simply go to the appropriate carousel and wait for your luggage to arrive.

Once you have successfully reclaimed your luggage, you can then make your way to the main Arrivals Lobby.

If you are just travel with Hand luggage, you can make your way straight to the exit doors and into the main Arrivals Lobby.

The Main Arrivals Lobby Area

The main Arrivals Lobby at Amsterdam Airport, is the main meeting point for passengers. If you are being collected from the airport by relatives or friends, this is where they will probably come to meet you, unless you have arranged otherwise. If you have pre-booked airport transfer such as a taxi or shuttle bus or have transfers included with a tour operator, then it is safe to say that this is the place where you will be greeting by your representative. However, it is always advisable to check with the company to whom you have arranged transport with to confirm your pickup point.


Inside the main Arrivals Lobby, there are several facilities available to passengers such as shops, cafes, information desk and lockers. The information desk provides all the information you need about getting to and from the airport, as well as information about Amsterdam itself and surrounding areas. If you require any further information, ask a member of staff at the desk and they will be able to provide you with the relevant information you need.

Onward Journey

It is very easy to reach all the different forms of transport that are available from the airport as the train station is located below the airport and is just a few minute walk from the Arrivals area. The bus stops are located outside Schiphol Plaza, which is only a few minute walk from the Arrivals Lobby and the taxis are also located outside Schiphol Plaza too.

Car Rental

Several car hire companies have desks at the airport which are located near the Arrivals area in Schiphol Plaza, just a short stroll from the Arrivals terminal. If you have pre-booked your car hire (which is advisable) from the airport, you will need to make your way over to the car rental desks. Ensure you have all the appropriate documents such as driving licence, voucher (if applicable) and credit card. You will be issued with your keys at the desk and shown where your vehicle is located.


The first 15 minutes parking at the airport is free, which is good if you are collecting passengers from the airport. However, if you exceed the 15 minutes, you will be charged accordingly for the time that exceed the allocated 15 minutes free. There are several parking options at the airport for both short and long stay parking and you can read more about them on the following page: Airport Parking

We hope this page helps you with your trip and provides you with a basic overview of Amsterdam Airport Arrivals.