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The chances are that if you visit Amsterdam in the Netherlands, you will fly into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS). Schiphol International Airport, is one of the main airports in Holland that services the city of Amsterdam and provides a gateway to the country. Many airlines fly into Schiphol from the UK and from a large number of other countries around the world which combined, transport over 58 million passengers in and out of the airport each year. Schiphol Airport is currently the fourth largest and third busiest airport in Europe.

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Where Is Amsterdam Airport ‘Schiphol International’

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is actually located South-West of the city of Amsterdam itself in a municipality known as Haarlemmermeer in North Holland.

How Far Is Amsterdam Airport To City Centre

Schiphol Airport is located just 5 miles (9klms) from the center of Amsterdam itself,which makes getting to and from the airport to the city centre very easy.  

Amsterdam Airport Codes

IATA Airport code: AMS

The IATA Code for Amsterdam Airport is AMS, which is the three digit code that is assigned to the airport from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Otherwise known as the IATA Location Identifier and IATA Station Code. You will probably be familiar with these codes as they are the three digit codes that you see on your luggage labels and other travel documents with reference to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

ICAO Airport Code: EHAM

The ICAO code for Amsterdam Airport is EHAM, which is the four digit code assigned to the airport by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport:

Amsterdam Airport Arrivals OptAmsterdam Schiphol Airport, is classed as an International Airport and this is because it provides Customs  and Immigration facilities for passengers who are travelling between different countries. Most International airports are much bigger in size than Domestic Airports and also have larger runways. The generally have more facilities to accommodate bigger aircrafts arriving and departing from the airport, which are used for International flights.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has been one of the busiest airports in the world for many years and is the third busiest airport in Europe with over 63 million passengers passing through it every year. 




Is There A Direct Rail Link To The Airport

Yes, one of the major plus points, is a direct rail to Schiphol Airport which provides the perfect link for passengers wishing to reach the centre of Amsterdam. The journey time from the airport to the central station is approximately 20 minutes but there is an express train that is quicker.

Getting the train from Schiphol Airport to the main Centraal Station in Amsterdam is certainly one of the most popular choices with passengers landing at the airport. The train from Amsterdam International Airport to the city centre provides a quick and cost effective form of transfer to and from the airport.

The train station at Schiphol International Airport, it located underneath the main Arrivals Plaza.

Please Note: A valid ticket is required to travel on the public trains in Amsterdam and if you do not hold a valid ticket and are caught travelling without one, you will be issued with a fine.


Trains run from the airport to the central railway station in Amsterdam every 10 minutes and provide a very quick and convenient form of transfer to and from Schiphol Airport. The trains usually leave from platforms 1&2 but it is advisable to double check when you arrive at the train station.

Trains From Amsterdam Centraal Station To Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Trains run from the Centraal Station to the airport every 10 minutes and depart from either platform 14a or 14 during the day (at the time of writing).

Amsterdam Airport To City Centre

The Ground Support network at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is very efficient and there are a number of options available to passengers in terms of transport for transfers. A large number of passengers landing at Schiphol Airport will be wanting to get to the city centre. Getting to the centre of Amsterdam from the airport is very easy and you can be in the centre within under 20 minutes of leaving the airport. Which form of transport you choose is simply down to your own personal preference, requirements and budget. 



KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

The main carrier of the Netherlands is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and they have their main hub based at Schiphol Airport and headquarters close by. KLM also have a regional airline which is known as KLM Cityhopper, which are also based at Schiphol International Airport.

Corendon Dutch Airlines : Corendon Dutch Airlines has their head office in Lijnden , Haarlemmermeer and other flights to many destinations.

Martinair: Martinair is a Dutch cargo airline is a subsidiary of Air France-KLM that is based at Amsterdam Airport.

Transavia: Transavia is also a subsidiary of KLM which has its head offices based at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

TUI fly Netherlands: TUI fly Netherlands is based at Schiphol Airport and has offers to many popular holiday destinations.

Delta Air Lines: Delta Air Lines offers a number of flight to Amsterdam from many countries worldwide.

Jet Airways : Jet Airways is an Indian airline that has a hub at Amsterdam Airport.

The Netherlands:


Netherlands meaning ‘Low Countries’

As we have previously mentioned, the Netherlands is sometimes referred to as Holland in many other countries and there are also many different ways that the Netherlands in spelt and said. For instance, you may see it spelt as ‘ n ɛ ð ər l ə n d z’ or Nederland.

The Netherlands has a population of approximately 7 million people. As well as the main part of the Netherlands, there are also another 3 island territories that make up the Kingdom of The Netherlands. These three island territories are Sint Eustatius, Saba and Bonaire. The main European area of the Netherlands has 12 provinces and it borders the countries of Belgium to the South and Germany which is to the East. To the North West is the North sea to which the Maritime borders are shared with the three countries of Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Major Cities:

The Netherlands has several large well-known cities including the capital city of Amsterdam, The Hague (which holds the Dutch seat of Parliament), Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Utrecht. Each has its own role within the country and

Rotterdam: Rotterdam is home to the largest port in Europe

Utrecht: Utrecht is the hub for commerce and has good road and rail networks

Eindhoven: Eindhoven is well-known for its economic activities


The name ‘Amsterdam’ derives from ‘Amstelredamme’ which is because of the city’s origin of being a dam on the Amstel river. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. Located in the West of the country and in the North Holland province, Amsterdam was originally just a small fishing village but later became one of the most significant ports in the world during the 17th century. As a result, Amsterdam became a major hub for both Diamonds and Finance. Since those early days, Amsterdam has continued to grow and is now one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. The city of Amsterdam is now home to many great museums and  famous attractions such as the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum and Amsterdam Museum, to name but a few. The canal networks throughout Amsterdam are famous worldwide, as well as the coffee shops and notorious Red Light District.


Meaning ‘Haarlem’s Lake’, Haarlemmermeer is a piece of land that was reclaimed from water in the 19th century. The town of Haarlemmermeer is known as Hoofddorp, which is currently one of the Netherlands’ largest town and is also one of the towns that make up Randstad. Haarlemmermeer, is also where Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is located.

North Holland:

The province of Holland became separated in 1840 and was divided into two provinces of North Holland (Noord-Holland) and South Holland.